Sportsman’s Dinner & Expo 2018

Saturday Evening, January 27

We arrived early – to get tickets at the door.

We hadn’t gotten tickets ahead of time because of a possible conflict in appointments. When I called two days before the expo they said there would be tickets at the door until they were gone.

The first thing we did was visit the vendors. My favorites are the taxidermists.

This was my favorite mount.

A beautiful leather pillow

Vendors advertised hunting-related items for sale, others were hunting outfitters.

Prizes for the young children. Each of the young children received a gift.

The older children’s door prizes – chosen by ticket number.

Adult prizes – chosen by ticket number.

Mounts on the stage. These were brought in by hunters in the audience.

Pronghorn Antelope

While standing there admiring these beautiful animals, I learned that the second from the right was shot in archery season by a young boy.

He and his dad gladly posed for me. The father got the one on the left. The son’s is to the right. They were both taken in archery season – a few days apart.

Master of Ceremonies

The speaker was Richard Bernier from Standish, Maine.

Before supper, he shared a seminar called “The Mystique of Following the Whitetail Track.”

After supper, Lydia, Cerwin, and I stopped by his table to find out where Standish, Maine, is located – since Lydia was born in Maine. He has a blog and was writing his website on a flyer for me – or

He liked my Nikon camera and told me that’s what he uses.

I took this picture with my cell phone to send to Lydia’s parents.

Four young hunters were honored with the “First Time Kill Award” by Kevin Van Buskirk. This young boy was Wyatt Mase.

Rowan Sensenig. He is the one who posed with his dad in an earlier picture.

Christoph Fry

His brother Henry Fry

Door prizes

They did a good job of keeping this moving. After identifying yourself, you walked up to the door prize table and chose a prize – and they went on to the next number.

When the door prizes were all chosen, Richard Bernier presented his second seminar, using many beautiful photographs from the woods. 

He closed with his salvation testimony.

I loved how he presented the fact that salvation is free – a gift from God – something you cannot work for or pay for.

He said, trying to work for your salvation is as foolish as continuing to pay the mortgage on your house after someone told you they had paid it for you.

The Grand Prize Drawings were the last thing on the program. This young girl won the youth drawing – a .22 RugerRifle – courtesy of Musser’s Outdoors.

The adult grand prize was a $400.00 gift card to Musser’s Outdoors. I did not get the winner’s photo, as he just stood up at his location in the audience.

It was a great evening.

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