Thursday, January 18

As I watched the female Red-bellied Woodpecker on this cold, wintry morning, I thought, “This would be a good day to make a pot of tomato soup.”

I had some tomatoes left over from the High family lunch and boiled them so I could easily remove the skin.

Then I went to my cupboard and found anything that I could add to the pot.

There were also leftover onions from the lunch.

After putting everything in the kettle, I added garlic, oregano, chili powder, parsley flakes, dried celery, basil, brown sugar, salt, and pepper. Then I found a third jar of salsa in the refrigerator and added it too.

It turned into a delicious soup. Cerwin wanted it to be chunky, so that is how I made it.

We enjoyed some for supper – with grilled cheese sandwiches. I put some in the refrigerator for the weekend and froze the rest.

The setting sun gave everything a golden hue.

I love cold, wintry days – when I have time to make a pot of soup.

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