Glittery Kind of Day

Tuesday, January 9

The birds have been daily working on the suet ring.

They also continue to eliminate other suet feeders.

As I watched the birds, I couldn’t help but notice the glittering snow and ice in our yard and beyond.




Trees. You can barely see them in this photo, but there was ice on the branches and nuts and a few tiny icicles dripping from the branches.

In the distance, the farm buildings glittered in the early morning sunlight.

Electric and phone lines were lightly covered with sparkling ice.

Back to our patio. The ice coated colander feeder.

Icy birdbath

Porch chair

Leaves were dripping with ice

Branch icicles

I love this frozen droplet at the bottom of a leaf.

I treasure the things I see on a glittery kind of day.

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