Traveling Home From Maine

Tuesday, January 2

It was a cold, clear morning when we left Mark and Diane’s house at 6:45.

We could see the sun coming up just over the horizon.

The world was coming alive on I-95.

The super moon was low in the sky in the west.

The sunrise was beginning to lighten the sky to our east.

It was fun taking pictures of the brilliant sunrise.

White smoke was rolling out of the big rigs because of the frigid temperatures.

-15 was the coldest temperature registered on our car – as we drove by the Kennebunkport exit.

The drive was fairly ordinary for the rest of the nine-hour trip.

Ordinary means stopping for breakfast and fuel in Lowell, Massachusetts, taking a break at a rest stop in Connecticut, having lunch near the New Jersey/New York line, getting fuel at Bloomsbury, New Jersey, and arriving home nine to nine-and-a-half hours after leaving the Myers’ house. 

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