Visiting Lydia at Work

Thursday, December 28

I almost missed these pictures – which should have come before our trip to Maine. After posting last night, I suddenly remembered these pictures in our cell phones.

Since Lydia recently moved to Pennsylvania, we wanted to visit where she works – in the kitchen of Lancaster General Hospital. Lydia, Diane, Abby, Anthony, Josiah, and Cerwin.

She gave us a time when we could meet her for lunch in the hospital cafeteria.

After lunch she gave us a peek into the very large kitchen.

Then I quickly took a picture of Diane with three of their six children – and their grandson.

She has had to be content with seeing their children in shifts this year. The two oldest (Elizabeth and Hannah) live near them in Maine, Josiah is an over-the-road truck driver, Abby and Lydia live near us in Pennsylvania, and Hezekiah lives in Tennessee.


Tomorrow night I will continue with our visit to Maine.

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