Christmas Day – Part 2

Monday Afternoon, December 25

A pretty decoration on the table.

Jesse wanted a picture next to Roy – with his shirt. 🙂

The dessert table

These peppermint candy spoons – made by Kristen – were for stirring coffee or tea.

Red velvet cake roll

Pumpkin cake roll

Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus

Our afternoon craft was designing Christmas balls for next Christmas by removing the hanger attachment and dropping paint inside the ball and creating designs by moving the ball.

These were the same size balls we used for the sparkling cider for lunch – see previous post.

We dried the balls by placing them in a paper cup.

That was fun!

Jere and Kristen gave us gifts.

The guys got a measuring tape with a digital reading.

The girls got an insulated grocery bag and candy and nuts from Roy and Deb. Cerwin and I also got a beautiful wooden tray from Jere and Kristen.

These four played Qwirkle for quite a while.

I went out to the chicken pen with Jere when he gave them the turkey carcass – which they love.

Jere said it wouldn’t take them long to have it pecked clean. I think Colt wished that he could have some too. (He had his fill of skin and pieces from the ham and turkey.)

The nests were filled with eggs – just before the evening gathering.

Apparently a golf ball helps them know where to lay their eggs.

I don’t remember why we took these pictures.

Roy, Jared, and Jesse played an old computer game – which was new to them this Christmas. It was their family gift.


That was a fun Christmas Day.

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