Christmas Eve Afternoon – Pizza and Ferdinand

December 24

Jere and Kristen invited us to go with them to Pizza Hut and Penn Cinema to see Ferdinand.

Clockwise: Jared, Cerwin, Jesse, Jere, Sandy (hidden), Josiah, Kristen, Diane, Deb, Roy, Ian, and Josh

Not sure why Jesse was balancing a cup on his head – but he was. 🙂

After it was securely balanced, Jere threw something into it and promptly tipped it over.

A pretty Christmas tree at Penn Cinema

Jere, Jared, Josh, Jesse, Ian, and Kristen. We missed Jana this year – but are glad to know that she is enjoying her time across the ocean with YWAM (Youth with a Mission).

We were the first in the theatre – but more arrived before the movie started.

Jesse was in charge of the large container of popcorn. As needed, he filled smaller cups for the rest of us.

This was an incredibly good movie about a bull.

If you know the storyline, he cared more about flowers and his friend – a girl – than he did about being a mean bull.

We took time for a few pictures afterward. Jere, Diane, and Deb.

This Christmas Eve ritual – of lunch and a movie began when Jere and Kristen’s family and Roy and Deb were the only family members without something special to do on Christmas Eve. Then when the extended High Family meal was changed to another time of the year, they invited Cerwin and me to go along – because we were no longer busy planning for a large family meal the next day. It was especially fun to have Diane and Josiah with us this year.

Roy and Deb

Cerwin and me

Following an Amish buggy on the way home.

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