Hershey Christmas Brunch – Part 3

Saturday Morning, December 23 – After the meal: visiting, games, and decorating gingerbread men

Jake visiting with great-grandma

Children in the gym

Benny, Lincoln, Elyse, Neil, Clair and a twin (I think Iris)


Roy and Josiah

Diane and Katie

Mike, Jake, and John

Steve, Tristan and Nancy

Dot and Chris

Melissa, Kristen, Kevin, Jere and Jason

Jamie and Ashlea

Deb, Jason, Sarah and Grandma Hershey

Nancy, Clair and Roy

Josh and Grandpa. Josh arrived after another Christmas breakfast – for his job.

Steve, Kevin, Dale and Kelci

Hope and Bella

Kylee and Miranda

Decorating gingerbread men

Elyse, Lucy, Lincoln, Heidi, Lindsey (hidden) and Bella

Lincoln, Elyse, Heidi, Lindsey, Bella, Emma, and Madelynn



Bella, Emma, Kate (Emma and Madelynn’s mother), Madelynn

Abby and Anthony


Abby and Anthony playing carpet ball

Vince and Hudson

Josiah and David

One of the ten-month-old twins with her momma – Jess.

Lucy enjoyed watching her try to walk,

Oh, what a fabulous morning. I hope I got all the names correct. 🙂

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