A Beautiful, Snowy Morning

Thursday, December 14

I love mornings when it has snowed during the night and I can see the tracks and designs in the snow.

Lydia’s foot prints to her car. She is leaving for work at 4:15 am these days.

Her car tracks.

Looks like we had some tiny visitors.

I haven’t seen a wren very often this fall.

Junco near our kitchen window

“I see you.”

“Still see you.”

“I’m ignoring you.”

“Now I’m really ignoring you.”

Male – red bellied woodpecker

We waited a few hours to go to the DMV where I needed to get my driver’s license photo taken and Mother Hershey needed an eye test. My photo went fairly fast, but the room was full of people, so waiting for her eye test took a couple of hours. It appears that she passed – meaning that she can keep driving. 🙂

We went across the street to Panera Bread for lunch.

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