Our Family Christmas Lunch – Part 1

Sunday, December 3

We prepared the tables on Saturday

Diana and Gloria were two of the first to arrive – giving Grandpa time to ask them about their hunting experiences. Both shot a deer this year.

Jenna asked for a scissors because she noticed a few hairs that she missed when giving Dustan a haircut. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time for lunch. We had haystacks – a very simple Christmas meal.

There were twenty-four at our table this year.

We have this meal in early December so that it will suit more of our family members.

Most of the locals were here – all but Donovan (who was at the cabin); and we missed our Maine family (Mark, Diane, Nsimba, Elizabeth, and Hannah); those in Tennessee (Hezekiah and Kayla – and Lydia, who was visiting them); and Jana who is in South Africa with YWAM. Twenty-four out of thirty-four was not bad for us.

Our cake

Continued tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Our Family Christmas Lunch – Part 1

  1. We will probably have 30 out of 40. It will be at my house Sat. Dec. 23. Planning on having chicken and sauce over rice, with different toppings,probably similar to haystacks. I’ll use canned chicken. We can buy it in large cans at our grocery store. It’s raised and canned locally and is real good.

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