Fun with a New Gadget

Saturday, December 2

It doesn’t take much for me to have fun with a new gadget. 🙂

Cerwin bought a cell phone holder to attach to our RAV4 dash vent so we can use it for a GPS when necessary.

I learned that it is a great place to store my phone when traveling – even when I don’t need to use it as a GPS.

While doing some grocery shopping on Saturday, I wondered what would happen if I put it on camera mode.

Every so often I took a shot of the road and was surprised at how clear the photos were.

This was while traveling on a back road from Lititz to Manheim.

Traveling toward home from Manheim

Well, that was a fun experiment.

3 thoughts on “Fun with a New Gadget

  1. I love these pictures! What road were you on from Lititz to Manheim? I feel like I used to go to school that way, but I can’t remember the names of those back roads.

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