We Have a Boarder

Several weeks ago our granddaughter Lydia called to see if she could stay with us for awhile – if she moved here from Maine. I expect that she will be here for awhile until she gets settled in a job.

She came about a week ago and is looking for a job in the food industry, so started with a temp agency.

Her first job was in the cafeteria at Women & Babies Hospital.

Most of these photos are from my cell phone so I could send the pictures to her parents

On Thursday she went along with us to Walmart to get supplies for our Christmas dinner tomorrow. First we stopped at Arby’s for lunch.

Yesterday she had to wear a tux outfit for a job at the Marriott Hotel.

She could have had a few more jobs this weekend, but had plans to fly to Nashville to visit with her brother Hezekiah for her birthday.

It is lots of fun having her here.

2 thoughts on “We Have a Boarder

  1. I have a grand-daughter with me too, but it’s not such a happy situation. She called and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of weeks. She’s the one who was just married in Sept. to the father of their 2 little girls. She left him, and left the girls with him. I agreed to let her stay, hoping I could help her. I’ve prayed for her, shared Bible verses with her, talked to her and let her talk to me. She has no good reason to leave him. She just doesn’t “love” him anymore. He’s a good daddy, so I’m not worried about the girls. I asked Lynnae if she still believed in Jesus. She said she doesn’t know what she believes anymore. It’s been a month and she is still here. She does still see the girls, and they spent the night here with her last night. They’re sweet little girls. Hearty-breaking. Their daddy is a good man, but he’s not a Christian.

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