An Afternoon with Diane and Deb

Tuesday, October 31

This is something that doesn’t happen very often because our daughters live 500-plus miles apart.

They rarely get to spend time together – just the two of them – and it is just as rare that we get to spend a few hours of being a threesome.

Following brunch at Brenda’s house, Diane and I drove about an hour to meet Deb at BB’s in Quarryville (which is in Deb’s area). The one thing our daughters have in common is a love of bargains.

This is a special treat for Diane because of the scarcity of this kind of store in their area of Maine.

We went through the aisles slowly – stopped, talked and laughed often at our great bargains – or at silly things that none of us needed. Two hours later we were checking out.

Diane also wanted to shop at Good’s in Quarryville.

My find at this store was a shirt for Cerwin. He likes their western-style shirts.

We had about an hour and a half left before meeting our husbands and Jeff and Chris for supper, meaning we had half-an-hour for coffee at Drumore Diner (used to be RD’s so Diane and I could say hi to Leslie (a waitress here).

Leslie and Diane

Leslie doesn’t usually look like a dog. 🙂 This was Halloween.

She has a special place in our hearts as she and Deb were best friends in junior and senior high school and spent a lot of time in our home. She and Deb live in the same neighborhood and see each other on a regular basis. Diane rarely sees her and I may only see her about once a year.


It was a fun afternoon.

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