Breakfast with Jere

Thursday Morning, October 26

This was the morning that suited the two of us to go out for breakfast. I am still processing the fact that we have children with gray hair. In my mind he is still that little curly-haired guy running around the house.

I am glad that our children keep their promises. đŸ™‚ He promised me a breakfast after my February birthday.

His coffee

We took a selfie to send to their daughter, Jana, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sending messages to Jana.

The Brick House in Manheim serves delicious breakfasts. I loved my egg/bacon/cheese wrap and fresh fruit.

Thanks, Jere. That was a fun birthday gift.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast with Jere

  1. I have been reading Stephen Weber’s Daily Encouragement for many years and have noted that he uses your material from time to time. This morning I followed the link to your blog which he posted. I enjoyed “Breakfast with Jere” as you no doubt had. Serendipitous for me was that in your blog you were preparing to send a selfie to someone in Cape Town South Africa. Probably not at the exact time that I was reading your post here in Cape Town South Africa but a heartwarming coincidence nevertheless.

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