Archery Hunting in Ohio

Week of October 23 – Photos from Cerwin’s cell phone.

Cerwin had lots of fun with these guys – Donovan, Nate, Dustan, Jordan – and Jeff (not in this picture) – at a hunting cabin (doublewide house) in southcentral Ohio. Notice their foot rests. 🙂

Nate and Donovan

They spent much of their spare time watching hunting videos – because they didn’t have TV or cell reception.

It was their first hunt in this area. They were pleased with the facilities.

They celebrated Jeff’s 53rd birthday on the 25th by using a Tasty Cake, a plastic fork, and a piece of paper towel. 🙂

This mom/grandma is impressed with their creativeness.

Their favorite eating place.

The view from Cerwin’s blind.

A broader view from Cerwin’s hunting stand.

This one and the following pictures are from Cerwin’s field camera.

They knew they were hunting early – before the rut – so were not real surprised to not have any shooting. Nor did they see many deer during the daylight hours.

Some of them had another hunt planned – to Nebraska – and could not go later, so maybe in another year they will go back here, but later in the season.

They were encouraged by Cerwin’s field camera shots at night – which told there were deer in the area – and some nice buck.

A hunter can always dream about next year. 🙂

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