High Family Supper

Sunday, October 8

Cerwin and I were looking forward to seeing his family as it was the first full family dinner we had this year.

A few locals could not attend – and we missed those who live at a distance.

I was pleased with the fall paper supplies I bought at a new rental and party supply store not far from us.


We were glad for the protection of our garage as it was a rather drizzly evening.

Our grand niece Peyton came from cheering at a local game. She is going through the food line with her grandpa – Cerwin’s brother, Elvin.

Anthony choosing a cookie.

Our sister-in-law Pat with grandson Caleb.

After supper, when Jesse was teasing his big brother and cousins – Nate, Josh, and Jordan, they threatened to put him on the roof.

His dad told him, “That’s what happens when you pest the big dogs.”

Later I heard someone say that Nathaniel was flying his remote controled airplane. I got outside just as he landed it.


That was a fun evening.

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  1. Didn’t see the pictures of Nate and Josh putting Jesse on he roof. Could you please email those Picts to me. Awesome page that will be

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