Supper with Jordan

Wednesday, October 4

This meal was a gift to Jordan for his 2017 birthday – which was in August.

I like to take at least one posed picture of our grandchildren per year – for their birthdays and for my refrigerator.

It was a nice evening and he was at our house early – so this was a good time to get his 2017 picture.

He chose Johnny’s for his supper with us.

I love catching up with our grandchildren and learn what is happening in their lives.

He lives nearby, so we see him many times throughout the year, but not often one-on-one for a few hours.

My meal

Cerwin’s steak and baked potato – also came with a tossed salad.

Jordan’t meal

Jordan’s crème brulee

Cerwin shared a few bites of his cheese cake with me.


Loved spending an evening with Jordan.

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