Traveling to Elk County ~ Part 1

Tuesday, September 26

My sister and brother-in-law told us earlier in the summer that they wanted to take us to Elk County when the elk were in rut.

That is something we always wanted to do, but just never took time to do it, plus we didn’t know the area. Marlin knows every road.

Marlin was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be a good elk-viewing evening, but we had barely gotten into the area when we saw a nice bull not far from the car.

Then we saw a nice doe as we were entering the Visitor Center.

This is why they are called “white tail.”

The Visitor Center was already busy in the early afternoon.

Chelsey (Marlin and Nancy’s youngest daughter), Marlin and Nancy.

A mature bull

There was a lot of information about elk in the center.

A cow

A newborn calf

Nancy and Chelsey checking out some information.


There was also information about other Pennsylvania wildlife.

Black bear

Albino deer and wild turkey

As we were leaving, Marlin noticed a few turkeys in the field next to the parking lot.

We went to the Benezett Restaurant for an early supper (4:00 pm) so we would be ready to see elk as they were coming out in the evening.

It was a small town restaurant – one of only a few in the area – and soon filled with locals and others who were there to see elk.

An elk burger

It was close to 6:00 when we were back on the road – and before long we saw another flock of turkeys.

This nice young bull was right along the road in somebody’s yard.

Before long he started moving and crossed the road right in front of us.

About that time Nancy noticed movement on the hillside in front of us.

He was coming after the young bull – not wanting him in the same territory.

Maybe that is why the younger one got out of the way.

He was a beauty

He didn’t stop long, but kept walking after the young bull.

He knew right where the young bull was headed.

I was hanging out the back seat window to take the next few pictures.

According to my camera, this all happened in two minutes – from the first picture of the young bull in the yard until this one of the big bull crossing the road in front of us.

We would have liked to see them get into a fight, but the young bull was out of sight by the time the big one crossed the road.


Tomorrow night – more elk pictures.

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