West Hall – Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

Friday, September 22

As you enter West Hall, the first thing you notice is the Candy Tables on the left in the entrance area.

On the right is the Disaster Response information.

Notice the orange donation bucket?

I like how they advertise that it is a donation bucket.

Continuing on the right is the Children’s Toy Store.

The produce is always beautifully displayed.

Mim has lots of beautiful plants for sale in the back corner.

Across the hall on the back left is the bakery.

Jen Cassel was glad to receive the money for your purchase.

Jen Martin cheerfully sold coffee to go with whatever bakery item you bought.

Doran has been in West Hall making pot holders for BDRA for many years.

Weaver Nut Company had a new feature this year.

Ed had just emptied this container of roasted nuts as I arrived.

A young Weaver packaging roasted almonds.

There were delicious samples…

…and small bags for purchase.

My last feature in West Hall is Share-A-Meal.

There is where people can post an offer to prepare a meal on a certain date and list how many people they can have at their table. Some even list the type of meal they will be cooking.

The cost is $20.00 a meal.

We have never done this, but hear great stories from friends about where they went and who else was there – and about the delicious food.

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  1. What a wonderful event. I hope someday to be able to go to your area and experience this and of course meet you! Blessings.

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