Giant’s Stairs – Bailey Island, Maine

Monday, September 11

Following lunch, Elizabeth left us to go to work while Diane, Lydia, Cerwin and I drove toward Land’s End.

I thought that I may be able to post all of my photos from Giant’s Stairs and Land’s End in one post, but noticed I had a total of 249 pictures, so I divided them by subject and deleted duplicates.

Today’s post is about our drive and walk to Giant’s Stairs which is part of the town of Harpswell on Bailey Island.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed scenes that are unusual to this Pennsylvania woman.

We found a parking space at the Episcopal Church for our walk to the rocks.

There were unusual and many photo opportunities.

The path to and along Casco Bay is six-tenth of a mile long, but seemed more like a mile because of the detours we took up and down the rocks. 🙂

We were fascinated by the flowers and plants growing out of the rocks.

Our view of Casco Bay included lobster trap buoys.

I expect if we had stayed into the evening or were here in the early morning, we may have seen lobster boats.

This view of the bay – looking toward the Atlantic Ocean – was a bit hazy because of the evening sun.

It seems that small ducks in a large bay that opens into and even larger ocean would feel intimidated, but they seemed quite comfortable riding the waves.

A single gull also looked small above the blue expanse of water.

Rose hips were plentiful along the path.

A clear sign that beach roses had been blooming earlier in the summer.

The Queen Anne’s Lace seemed small compared to the ones I see in Lancaster County.

We returned to the Episcopal church long before I was ready to get back in the car.

Tomorrow night – my pictures of Land’s End.

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  1. The Maine coast has some beautiful scenery — you’ve captured it nicely! The small ducks on a large ocean are somehow reminiscent of the small people on a large planet — just not so many of them! And I love the shots of the rocks and of the floers ~ ~ ~

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