TFC’s Chapel at Gerhart’s Truck Show

Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7

Photos by Cerwin – using his cell phone.

Our son-in-law Roy stopped it to see the trucks that had arrived by Friday afternoon. He especially liked this large pickup.

I did not attend this show – other than take Cerwin there on Saturday morning.  This show is not far from our house.

Cerwin said they had a great spot and lots of visitors to the chapel.

Volunteer Chaplain Bob Russell talking to visitors.

Chaplain Jake (right) with two visitors. The CB Man is a frequent visitor to truck shows.

One of the drivers did a show for those who enjoy this kind of power.

This was the last scheduled show for this chapel in 2017.

Supper with Jordan

Wednesday, October 4

This meal was a gift to Jordan for his 2017 birthday – which was in August.

I like to take at least one posed picture of our grandchildren per year – for their birthdays and for my refrigerator.

It was a nice evening and he was at our house early – so this was a good time to get his 2017 picture.

He chose Johnny’s for his supper with us.

I love catching up with our grandchildren and learn what is happening in their lives.

He lives nearby, so we see him many times throughout the year, but not often one-on-one for a few hours.

My meal

Cerwin’s steak and baked potato – also came with a tossed salad.

Jordan’t meal

Jordan’s crème brulee

Cerwin shared a few bites of his cheese cake with me.


Loved spending an evening with Jordan.

Empty Cornfields

Monday, October 2

Like I said in the previous post – this was the corn’s last stand.

I heard the harvesting equipment about mid-morning.

Not everything hits the truck when they go around a corner. 🙂

The birds and nighttime animals appreciate the extra food.

By 5 pm they were working in the field below our yard.

If you look toward the left and under the spray of silage you can see two tractors driving on the silage on the trench.

They were still working at 7 pm.

This was our Sunday evening view.

By Tuesday morning we had a very different view.

If you know where to look, you can see the two tractors still driving on the trench to pack the silage. They are usually there through the night, so I expect that happened again.

Sauder Reunion

Saturday evening, September 30

Singing a song – led by Orpha (right in royal blue), before prayer – led by Cerwin (far right)

This consists mostly of Cerwin’s first cousins and their spouses. Uncle Amos was there and can just barely be seen on his wheelchair in the center of the picture.

Time to eat

Visiting after supper

A few of the younger generation came after supper.

Playing carpet ball

It was a fun evening – and as usual we hear funny stories from their childhood.

Everyone should attend reunions! 🙂