Departing Guests and Impending Storm

Monday, September 4 and Tuesday, September 5

Lydia was on the road to Maine so early that I didn’t think about taking a picture of her, but I thought about my camera when I noticed Nsimba using his selfie stick and wearing a new t-shirt he bought at the music festival.

Nsimba and Elizabeth still have this heart on their van – from their wedding ten months ago. 🙂 They left for Maine right after I took this picture.

After they left I noticed our Amish neighbors picking their butternut squash. They loaded quite a few trailer loads.

The next day the truck pulled into the field right in front of our house. I was hoping to get some close-up pictures of them working in the field.

A few hours later the weatherman warned us to keep our eyes on the sky for a serious wind and rain storm.

It did rain and get windy, but not too bad. By this time the truck had pulled away from the wagon.

I was disappointed that no one picked pumpkins the next day when I was home.

2 thoughts on “Departing Guests and Impending Storm

  1. That’s quite a rain storm! We have another bad fire going right now — it was a warmer day with Santana winds. This fire is in Corona, over the mountains from where I am, but threatening many homes and freeways!

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