Gospel Music Festival – Part 1

Friday Evening, September 1 – American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA

Triumphant Quartet opened the evening with God Bless America (or was it our National Anthem). I forget.

I did not write down the name of this very talented man who opened with prayer and lead an audience song.

When he led audience singing, he reminded me of Cliff Barrows (Billy Graham Crusades). At one point he mentioned that Cliff was someone he deeply respected.

Jeff and Sheri Easter and their daughter Morgan

Aaron Wilburn was the MC and added a bit of comedy to the evening.

Triumphant Quart closed the evening.


We enjoyed blessing Lydia and a friend with seats for this fabulous concert.

The timing of this three-day music festival is good for us – after a busy summer. I love relaxing in a very comfortable venue and being filled with the words and tunes of gospel music. I like that we can keep our same seats from one year to the next.

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