Nashville to Ohio

Monday Afternoon and Evening, August 28

I loved the drive into the countryside of southcentral Ohio – to look for the place where Cerwin and some of Jeff’s family are hunting for the first time this fall.

The GPS told us to turn left at this dilapidated old church – Turkey Hill Church – but there was no access to the road. 🙂

So we stayed on the road on which we were already traveling.

Before long we arrived at this doublewide where they will be staying.

I think the guys are going to enjoy the challenge of this place – and the fields and mountains.

The 2014 census for this village was 85.

A few views of the fields and mountains

Cerwin is looking forward to the experience of hunting here.

We had about a half-an-hour drive to our motel in Piketon, Ohio.


It was a nice relaxing day.

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