Repairing the Steps at TFC’s Nashville Chapel

Monday, August 28

Our last Monday in the Nashville area was cloudy and rainy.

It began raining as we neared the Antioch area where TFC’s chapel is located.

Notice the truck stop TA sign to the left of the truck.

Cerwin showed Chaplain Buck the results of our waxing the chapel a few days earlier – when we arrived in the area on Friday afternoon.

Chaplain Ralph arrived a few minutes later.

Our plan for this stop was to help Ralph and Buck repair the deck steps. A driver had bumped the deck a  week or two earlier.

Ralph brought a level to see how much work they had to do to get the steps level again.

As I was taking this picture a lady trucker walked up to us and said she wanted to give us her tithe.

I invited her inside so she could put it in the donation box.

I could tell that she was “on the clock”, but she quickly began to tell me some of her story. I learned that her name is Renay and that she has some painful childhood issues, and had just learned that the home she rents had been flooded. She lives in Houston, Texas, and this was just after the hurricane.

She had a very positive attitude because of her relationship with the Lord.

I prayed with her, then asked Cerwin to take a picture of us. I will add this picture to my prayer list so I can remember her requests.

I gave her a Highway News and Good News before she left. The chaplains also gave her a few words of encouragement.

It was good to visit with Buck and Ralph. It has been a few years since we saw them.


Our final destination for the day was southcentral Ohio where Cerwin and some of Jeff’s family will be hunting this fall. It is a new area for them, and since it fit into this trip Cerwin thought it would be interesting to see it. Photos tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. This has been a wonderful trip, with lots of family activity and some business as well! Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate all the way through, but you had several good days! Good wishes for Renay!

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