A New Birdfeeder

This is what I brought home from the Steam Show in Berryville, Virginia. I had the hanging apparatus – from a secondhand store – for several years and was looking for something to fit inside it. I had been using baskets, but they rot after a few months.

I found this graniteware strainer at one of the antique vendors. It is a perfect fit.

The matching ladle came from the same vendor.

It didn’t take long for the birds to find it.

A moth even stopped by one evening.

I captured a few other pictures while keeping a check on my new birdfeeder.

I was delighted to find a pair of goldfinches feeding at the newest additions to my feeders.

“Hey, miss. May I eat at this feeder?”

“No, you are not welcome there.”

“Did I hear you correctly. You don’t want me at this feeder?”

“But I like eating here. The seed is fresher than at the ground feeder.”


“No, go back to your tree.”

“Okay, okay, I will leave.”

“Would you reconsider?”


9 thoughts on “A New Birdfeeder

  1. Haha — I love this bird feeder and its offspring! I hope you can find a way to convince the squirrel that it’s not his! You’ve already attracted some lovely birds, and I imagine there will be lots of different ones as time goes on! And I love the iron-work that it sits on in the hanger, too!

  2. Love the feeder! And chatting with the squirrel is so perfect. My squirrels find every way around my barriers that they can.

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