TFC’s Promotional Chapel at the Steam Show – Part 4

Saturday Afternoon, July 29

We saw a lot of boys driving tractors with their daddy or grandpa nearby. What a great experience for the boys. The speed – putt putt.

Very slow traffic continued all day long – even during rain and drizzle.

After the weather brightened up in the midafternoon, I walked around the grounds near the chapel. Looking for beauty.

The fence line behind the chapel looked like a sea of greens and browns – until I looked closer.

A few closer shots of beauty in the fence line.

The cute puppy whose owner was camping behind the chapel.

Jane, Jake and Cerwin on duty at the chapel.

We each visited with many people during the afternoon who were curious about our rig and ministry.

When not talking to visitors, Jane drew a sketch of the Caterpillar in front of the chapel.

Shortly after taking the pictures of Jane working on her sketch, the owner of the Caterpillars – Billy Sanders – and his family came to the chapel.

Billy and his family

When Jane showed her sketch to them, Billy’s wife exclaimed over it – inspiring Jane to give it to them.

I am sure they will remember Jane and her kindness to them.


More tomorrow evening.

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