TFC’s Promotional Chapel at the Buck Truck Show – Part 2

Saturday, August 19

More trucks driving by my chair next to the chapel.

I’d like to dash around on this. πŸ™‚

I spent a lot of time talking with this woman while the men brought visitors through the chapel.

We also had a lot of visitors on the outside. People who just wanted to visit and take a break from walking.

Cerwin enjoys visiting with Merv and his children. Merv is the one who did a fabulous job of painting this chapel.

Dan and Danielle (from the TFC office) stopped in to get some photos.

She represents TFC on Instagram.

We went to talk with this couple and their little boy, just to examine their unique wagon.

He said when they learned they were expecting this little guy, they wanted something other than a stroller to go to truck shows.

They explained how almost everything was made from scraps and leftover parts.

They chose this handlebar (wrench) because Williams is their last name.

I was looking from some creative photography, without a lot of walking, so tried to find chapel reflections in truck bumpers and chrome.

Our son-in-law Roy was test-driving a car that he was working on for a friend and stopped in to see us. Katie (above) was with them for the weekend and came along.Β The car is for her brother.

A few of our last visitors.

We moved the chapel out by 4:00 pm (as do all vendors) to make room for the evening truck pull parking.


We had a good day.

TFC’s Promotional Chapel at the Buck Truck Show – Part 1

Saturday, August 19

I asked Cerwin if I could have an extra five minutes to get a picture of the chapel leaving TFC’s Headquarters Office in the morning sunlight.

It was a breathtaking, beautiful morning as we drove from Marietta to The Buck – about half-an-hour drive.

We arrived about 7:30 am so we could easily get to our spot on the grounds. The staff at The Buck give us a great spot each year. Thank you.

Volunteer Bob Russell, Chaplain Jake Wise, and Cerwin visiting with two early visitors.

Cerwin telling this lady and her children about the ministry of TFC.

Her husband and other son were outside talking to Bob.

Betty Russell and I took our lawn chairs to the shadow of the back of chapel where the trucks were arriving.

I was sorry that I missed getting a photo of our daughter Deb (who lives nearby) and brought us freshly baked blueberry scones and other snacks to go with our morning coffee.

When I noticed drivers also taking advantage of the chapel’s shade, I took our captain chairs there for them. They are standing here, but did use the chairs for quite a while.

This was the view I enjoyed from my lawn chair.

Checking in with The Buck staff.

After enjoying the view of drivers moving by me, I walked across the lot to take a few more pictures. The older I get the more I enjoy sitting and watching them move by me. πŸ™‚

I return to the theme I am using for the summer truck shows.

I know why little boys grow up to like trucks. Their daddy takes them to truck shows. πŸ™‚

More photos from The Buck tomorrow.

Going to Sight & Sound to See Jonah

Friday Evening, August 18

Our crew – back row: Jere, Kristen, Abby, and Nathaniel. Front row: Jared, Tanner, Ian, Jesse, my empty seat, and Cerwin.

This was the close to Brothers’ Week and the 2017 birthday gift for Jared, Ian, Kristen and Nathaniel. It was also supposed to be a gift for Josh, but he hurt his back at work earlier in the day, so Tanner (neighbor and friend of Jared and Ian) got his spot.

Photos are not allowed after the performance begins, so I took a few of the preliminary things on the large screen.

We loved our lower balcony location.

It was great to see this “God Story” from the Bible a second time.

We are blessed to have Sight & Sound in our local area.

Ziplining at Refreshing Mountain

Thursday, August 17

We were back at Refreshing Mountain by 8:38 am on Thursday morning for Ian and Jared’s ziplining appointment.

Getting into their harnesses

Ian leaving the first platform

Jared leaving the first platform

Zipping above me

Near the end of the course I realized that my automatic focus had gotten bumped off, so there were several close up pictures that I could not use, I was glad that I took plenty of distant photos that focused fairly well.

Because of all the shadows and trees and leaves, I didn’t notice that my automatic focus wasn’t working. πŸ™

After getting to the second platform, there were several challenge courses which the boys enjoyed. There was a family (father, mother, three girls), and two guides who were part of their experience.

There is an easier zipline course, but Jesse decided to watch this year. If you look closely through the canopy of trees you can see the team on the platform.

Here comes Ian


Jesse played with a critter on the deck near the lake as we waited for the boys and the rest of their team.

Trying to focus on him is when I realized that my automatic focus was turned to off. As you can see, I corrected it. πŸ™‚

As Ian approached the last platform, the guide applied the brake too quickly, and he drifted back on the zipline and hung over us.

We told him to jump! πŸ™‚ The lake was below him.

It didn’t take long for the guide to rescue him.

Jared approaching the last platform

Jared dismounting

Ian dismounting

They both agreed that it was a fun experience. I took this picture at 10:26 am – one and a half hours after they began.

There was plenty of room in the pool as we had to wait a few minutes for it to open.

I enjoyed a pizza/cheese panini and a latte while the boys swam. They also got food after a time of swimming.

It was a fun morning. I smiled as I noticed that the sun was creating smiley faces through the pool chairs.