Blessing Our Preachers – Part 8

Tuesday Evening, June 6

I took a few pictures of my surrounding area as I waited for Cerwin to bring our guests to the table at Brickerville House Restaurant.

This time we enjoyed an evening with Dave and Shawn (next to Cerwin) and the family from church they wanted to get to know better – Glendon, Denise and their son Brayden. Glendon and Denise also have two young daughters who were enjoying an evening with cousins.

David is our Elder-In-Charge. He and Shawn have a married son and daughter, two daughters at home, and a grandson.

We had a great evening getting to know each person better. Our time ended rather soberly when, close to the end of our visit, we were notified that Alice, a church member who was in the hospital, had taken a turn for the worse.

We stopped to pray and Dave and Shawn left to call the family. We talked a bit longer with Glendon and Denise before heading home.

PS: Alice Bross is doing better, but her health is still a bit fragile. She and her family would appreciate your prayers.


If this is the first time you are reading about our church congregation’s involvement in blessing our preachers in 2017 – go to the top of this post where it says “search”, enter the word preachers and hit enter to read about our previous seven restaurant experiences.

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