Working the Field with Mules

Wednesday Afternoon, April 12

I was pleased to look out our kitchen window and notice our Amish neighbor working his field across the road from us.

At first I thought it was Eli, but then noticed that it was his son, Jacob. Eli has not been farming the land in the past few years – another neighbor was doing the work with his big equipment. I understand Jacob is farming the land this year – probably for feeding his goats.

The next morning – Thursday, April 13 – they were back in the field with equipment I had never seen, so I am not sure what he is doing.

PS: From my brother Dale, who read this and said, “That is a no-till drill and he was probably seeding alfalfa or grass mix for hay for his goats.”

Taking a break while the farmer stretches his arms.

Checking the bin.

I especially enjoy watching a large team of mules (or horses) synchronizing their turns.

When I came back to our kitchen window to clean up after supper, I saw more activity in the field.

This time he was again working the ground – with only four mules – and someone was putting lime on the soil.

So glad to watch mule-power from our windows again.

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