Blessing Our Preachers ~ Part 5

Wednesday Evening, April 12

Cerwin, Carl, Nancy, Broc, Braden, Bonnie, and Steve

We were pleased to get our favorite table (Table 25) at Brickerville House Restaurant when we blessed Carl and Nancy Groff with a restaurant meal – and their choice of a family from our church that they would like to get to know better – Steve and Bonnie Ressler and their sons Broc and Braden.

We had a great evening discussing jobs, family, and dirt bike racing. 🙂

I enjoy the red beet salad at this restaurant.

Cerwin and I both got Hog Maw – Pennsylvania Dutch for stuffed pig stomach. These were stuffed with sausage and potatoes. We obviously did not get the entire stomach, but slices of it.

You can buy pig stomachs in certain grocery stores in our area and stuff them with your choice of items – usually sausage and potatoes. Some people add carrots, onions, or cabbage.

My mother used to promise a pig stomach meal to Cerwin whenever she had a job for him to do – especially working on her propane gas stove. 🙂

Broc and Braden ordered hamburgers that were quite large. We were all wondering how they were going to open their mouths wide enough to take the first bite.

It was a delicious, delightful evening.


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