Geranium & Eastern Bluebirds

Monday, April 10

My stepmother gave us a beautiful geranium.

I am anxious to plant it in a flower bed on our patio so we can enjoy it all summer.

I was glad to see a bluebird pair. We rarely see them but know they are in our woods

I think he was looking for a nest.

I have tried mealworms to lure them to our patio, but I am not aware that they noticed them.

They made my day!

4 thoughts on “Geranium & Eastern Bluebirds

  1. What a beautiful geranium — not sure I’ve every seen one that color. Love your bluebird pictures — we have three blue eggs in one of our bluebird boxes. The bluebirds had a hard time keeping the swallows away but they managed to conquer the box!

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