Helping a Church Member

Tuesday, April 18

Cerwin took these pictures with his cell phone.

Several from our Sunday school class and church helped prepare this small farm for sale.

Harold’s wife, Doris, died a few months ago, and he is not doing well emotionally, and needed help.

I was not able to be there, and Cerwin said these few pictures do not depict the number of friends who spent the day helping.

Pray for Harold and his family – and those at church who are responsible for helping them.

Blossoms & Birds Are Fascinating

Monday, April 17

Young blossoms on one of our white dogwood trees.

One of our noisy little wrens is busy building a nest in our “pan” birdhouse.

A chipping sparrow looked pretty in the evening sun.

The male gold finches look exotic in their summer colors – almost like they belong in a rain forest atmosphere.

Blossoms and birds are indeed fascinating.

Cherry Blossoms

We don’t have to go to Washington DC to see cherry blossoms.

At first I thought this was our cherry tree, then realized the building is not our neighbor’s house. 🙂 I had to think a bit to remember where I took the photo. It came from a day last week when I was driving through Lititz.

The rest of the photos are from our tree.