Penryn Mud Sale

Friday Evening, March 17

This year it was a “real” mud sale – with lots of mud – due to melting snow.

We went on Friday afternoon – before any of the auctions began. It was a good time to get pictures – especially in the grassy areas.

Inside the antique tent

The furniture tent

We had to navigate more mud to get to the quilt and craft tents.

After leaving the craft tent, we went to the fire hall for supper – the real reason we went. I didn’t feel like cooking. 🙂

Also it was supposed to be cool and rainy on Saturday when the mud sale began in full force.

A few more sights as we headed to the car.

This sale benefits the Penryn Fire Company and a local Amish school.

These little guys were so cute – and never stopped moving.

I stopped to capture a photo of my boot in the mud.

Even the parking sign was muddy.

We walked through the snow in our yard to get rid of some of the mud on our boots.

I brought a donut home – half for an evening snack and the other half for breakfast with my coffee.

They are the best filled donuts in the world! My opinion.

3 thoughts on “Penryn Mud Sale

  1. Wow — that does look a little muddy! I hope that doesn’t keep people away from the mud sale! The quilts look wonderful; the piggies are cute; and the other crafts look wonderful! I’m not sure I would have thought of walking in the snow to get rid of the mud on shoes!

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