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Thursday, March 16

I was glad Cerwin could be my chauffer because of the roads. The main roads were okay, but some of the country roads were still snow covered because of blowing snow – especially ours.

First we picked up my 92-year-old step-mother to take her to the visitation/funeral of her former sister-in-law Miriam (age 98) who was the sister of Mother’s first husband, Ivan, who drowned in a boating accident. We know the family well and took time to visit them. Another family member was able to take Mother home after lunch at our church.

Because we were early for my tests, I checked out a new place for manicures and pedicures. It is very large with 14 adult and 4 children’s chairs for pedicures. I expect there were that many stations for manicures as well. I took a business card so I can call them sometime.

Then I had my routine mammogram and DEXA scan. I went to a new location and was very impressed. We arrived half-an-hour early. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to wait. Both appointments were completed a few minutes after my original appointment was scheduled to begin.

When I came out to where Cerwin was waiting, he asked where I go for my second test. He was surprised when I told him that I was finished. 🙂 Both ladies who did the scans were very well trained in their jobs.

Since we weren’t far from Landis Homes, we went to visit Cerwin’s 101-year-old uncle John. He was reading the Bible when we opened the door to his room. He had just finished reading the book of Malachi – the last book of the Old Testament – and was anxious to begin the New Testament.

We love hearing his stories, and this time – because we were discussing the snow – he remembered when he got thirty cents an hour for shoveling snow when working for the state. 🙂 He said that was good pay.

After our visit with him we decided to do a “walk of memory” in the building where Mother High lived. It was fun seeing a few of Mother’s nurses and a friend (Bonnie Russell) who lives in the same area. Bonnie had a stroke and some seizers in the past few years and could not remember us – but pointed upward, saying, “I cannot remember people, but I know Him.”

The last room where Mother lived in now occupied by a woman named Lois Dagen. She was not in the room when we got there, so we did not get to meet her.

We walked to the other end of the building to spend some time with Cerwin’s Uncle Amos. He is a younger brother of John. We found him in the dining room drinking coffee and waiting for lunch. He is very hard of hearing, so it is a bit difficult to carry on a conversation with him.

He was glad to see us and always likes to hear about Transport For Christ because he used to be a truck driver. He will be 88 on April 24.

We enjoyed driving over some country roads as we made our way from Landis Homes to Fox Meadows Creamery for lunch.

By noon most of the roads were bare – except in areas where there was drifting.

We went to the Creamery for two reasons. One: because they just began serving lunch and we were anxious to see their menu. Cerwin got a hamburger with “everything” – it even included an egg. He eventually went for a knife and fork. 🙂

My glorified hot ham sandwich and chips – and affogato – were delicious. The lunch menu is not yet online so I couldn’t find the names for our sandwiches.

Our second reason for going was to buy ice cream – some to take home for our almost-every-evening snack and two pints for my Aunt Julia and Uncle Glen. I called from the creamery – she chose Wilbur Chocolate and he chose a nut variety. Julia just had shoulder surgery. I knew they were getting lots of meals, so thought ice cream my be a nice treat.

We took our ice cream home before going to Glen and Julia’s. They live about two miles from our place. Julia is my dad’s youngest sister. We enjoyed visiting them and with Glen’s sister Marian and her husband who were also there.


The day felt productive and rewarding.

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