Sportsmen’s Dinner at Worship Center

Friday Evening, March 3

Cerwin and I – and some of our family members and friends enjoyed this dinner and program.

The stage was decorated with beautiful wildlife mounts.

Dinner by Hess Catering.

There was also a choice of sodas or water and cake.

I enjoy visiting vendors. This one caught my eye, because you can go on a mission trip and hunt – in a variety of countries.

This lady and her husband make beautiful wooden pieces.

We always make sure to visit Kevin who represents Whitetail Trophy Hunt (Missouri) where Cerwin hunted several years ago.

Tim Keller (Keller Auctioneers) and his team did a great job at the live auction.

Every now and then there was a shot of the audience on the screen. I can see several of our group on the front left.

Door prizes

Brodie Swisher from Tennessee was the evening speaker.

He encourages making some of your hunts a time for family.

It’s not always about getting a trophy animal, but it’s about the time you spend with your children and teaching them godly principles as you hunt.

He closed with a message from the Bible.

Each of us was challenged to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

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