TFC Chapel Construction Update

This is what the newest chapel looks like as of today, March 31.

It will be used locally – to promote TFC and minister to those who attend truck shows, churches, and fairs.

Cerwin took this photo with his cell phone – from the office/living quarters looking toward the chapel area.

The chapel area

On the exterior, they are installing new (donated) wheels.

When that job is finished – next week – it will go to Mervin Weaver’s paint shop.


Cerwin is hoping to debut it at a late spring truck show – not sure if it will be ready for the May truck shows.

If you want to see it in person, plan to come to the Truck Rally on June 24.

We are planning the dedication on Sunday morning, June 25 during the Rally Celebration service.

Just a Cardinal

Sunday, March 26

Cerwin noticed this beautiful cardinal and took a picture while making me a cup of coffee after lunch.

Today, after taking my step-mother to an eye doctor appointment, she gave me a note book in which my Dad had written some of his favorite quotes.

I especially liked these:

“Today’s deeds will be tomorrow’s history.”

“If you aren’t as close to God as you once were, make no mistake about who moved.”

“Only God is in a position to look down on anyone.”

“No matter how much frosting you put on a bad cake, it is still a bad cake.”

TFC Lancaster Chapter Dinner Concert

Saturday Evening, March 25

Gene Gehman (left) – MC for the evening. Chaplain Joe Matthews (right) – praying for the meal and evening program.

Yoder’s does a fabulous job of cooking and serving the meal.

I haven’t received the exact count, but we were prepared for 625 people. There were probably a few less than that because I noticed a few empty seats.

Inge took this picture of us.

I returned the favor by taking a picture of her and Howard Jones, TFC President Emeritus.

Dessert was shoofly and peanut butter pie – with ice cream.

Look who sat across the table from me. Our daughter Deb was holding Bryan and Leslie’s little guy – our grandnephew, Caleb. His momma was just to the left of the photo.

The Mullet Family blessed us with songs and testimonies of their strong faith in Jesus Christ – even through struggle and pain.

Their son died as a teenager when his body rejected a second heart transplant. His first transplant was given to him as a young child. The daughter on the right also lives with a transplanted heart and is doing well.

The young girls did a cute song about wining – which included motions and singing, “Waa, Waa, Waa.” 🙂

Dan Witwer gave the ministry update. He is TFC’s Vice President of Staff Development.

Cerwin shared a bit about chapel construction before the evening offering.

The Mullett’s closed the evening with another half hour of singing and testimony. You could have heard a pin drop as he shared about the time their son died.

We were blessed and received many positive comments concerning the evening.

Blessing Our Preachers – Part 4

Thursday Evening, March 23

We were seated in the Garden Room at Brickerville House Restaurant on the evening we blessed Marv and Sue Shenk (back left and right). We chose Brian and Amy Heisey as a family from our church that we would like to know better.

Clockwise – left to right: Marv, Brian, Amy, Berwyn, Andrea, me, Amanda, and Sue.

Marv and Sue own a peach orchard, so we learned more about the work involved with that. One interesting thing Marv said is that when he and their son, Doug, prune trees, Doug always does the south side of the trees and Marv always trims the north side. He is not sure why, but it is how they always do it.

Sue and I learned that we both got very involved in our heritage with or My this past winter. We both traced family back to Germany and Switzerland during the time when our ancestors were being jailed and persecuted.

Amy enjoys reading and homeschooling their children and grew up on a farm in Illinois. She and Brian met in Bible school. Amanda said she would rather cook than clean. Andrea and Berwyn quietly listened to our chatter while coloring their placemats.

Brian works for Martin Appliance and enjoys repairing appliances and most mechanical things that need fixed. He told a funny story of needing a part for their home air conditioner.

He was pleased to find just what he needed on EBay. I think it was the next day when one of his coworkers asked how he wanted his air conditioner part shipped. It was coming from a Martin Appliance warehouse. 🙂

They have two older children and have named all the boys with a name beginning with the letter B and all the girls with the letter A – maybe because it matches their names – Brian and Amy.

We all exclaimed over Marv and Sue’s delicious-looking chicken pies.


Oh, what a delightful way to spend an evening.


If you do not know or remember why we are blessing our nine preachers, enter the word preacher in the search section on the top right of this entry. It should bring up the three previous evenings we spent with preachers and other couples from our church.