Yesterday I heard a loud noise outside and thought the snow geese had come. We live close enough to Middle Creek Wildlife Sanctuary that they come by our place now and then.

But it was a large flock (murder) of crows.

In reading about crows, I learned that they mate for life – and sometimes the young birds help care for the next set of baby crows.

That was fun!

I haven’t seen or heard a large flock of crows for a while.

2 thoughts on “Crows

  1. That is fun — there is a murder of crows that lives in a tree across the road from me — when they are all home, I sometimes think they are having a convention! How interesting about the family structure! Yesterday, there was a horrendous ruckus that I thought was crows on the roof — it turned out that the two little dogs next door were chasing each other around the room!

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