Oh what fun to keep our great-grandson for four days last week while his parents ministered to others at a conference.

Some pictures from our week…

On day one we spent time in the office, so we had envelopes for the mailbox.

Since we already had our coats on, we filled a few birdfeeders.

He makes me smile.

Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.

Helping unload the dishwasher

He loves to mop the kitchen floor.

Preparing a snack.

He loves to watch hunting programs with great-grandpa.

On Saturday morning he was a horse. 🙂

Watching African animals on grandpa’s computer

One afternoon we made a deer, cow, horse, and pig out of these tinker-toy-type things. He is holding the pig. 🙂


Oh what fun to have a little person in the house. It has been almost eight years since we took care of a two-year-old for several days. Our youngest grandson, Jesse, will be ten years old this year. It worked out well that it was a slow week in my office so I had plenty of time to keep an eye on him.

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