TFC Chapel Construction

This one will be a new International Chapel to take to truck shows and churches for promotional work. Cerwin hopes to debut it at York Make-a-Wish – the first Sunday of May.

The early pictures are from November and December.

Most photos by Cerwin – using his cell phone.

Glenn grinding the surface where the hinges to the back door had been in preparation for the back wall.

Back wall installed

Inside the back wall

A Thursday work crew. Bunny (vest) enjoys coming over from the office to have coffee with the guys.

Whenever Cerwin and Glenn need a work crew of 4 or 5 people, Cerwin Calls Living Water Chapel, Lebanon, PA.

Framework being installed.

This trailer needed new wheels, so Cerwin asked a friend if he had any good, used wheels? He said he did. Cerwin was surprised when he went to pick them up. Two trucker friends decided to donate brand new ones.

Thank you guys – and wives. You are a blessing to us and TFC.

Last Thursday the work crew installed wiring, insulation, and ceiling paneling.

Our grandson Josh helped a few times when he didn’t have work. Landscaping and lawn care isn’t always busy in winter – unless it snows. 🙂 Cerwin forgot to take a picture of him.

Cerwin is short a few men this winter due to surgeries and injuries, so he asked one of our ministers, Carl, if he would be interested in helping. He was, and helped for the first time yesterday.

Carl helps a son on occasion who has a construction business, so Cerwin knew he was capable of using a hammer. 🙂

Glenn cutting a hole in the back of paneling for an electric receptacle.

I will update you again in another few weeks.

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