Driving to Maine

New Year’s Day 2017

We were up early (3:45 am), out of the house by 5:15 am, and on the road for two hours by daybreak.

8:00 am

Crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge (8:10 am) and seeing the progress of the new bridge.

We could see New York City through the bridge railings.

Traveling at bridge speed made interesting vertical markings on the photos.

We stopped for a Subway breakfast at a Connecticut service plaza. We had a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich. This seagull was looking for crumbs.

We began seeing snow in Connecticut.

It was a beautiful day for traveling, listening to gospel bluegrass, and calling in to our home church to listen to the sermon by cellphone. We have an auxiliary cord so listen through the car’s sound system.

It looked quite wintry by the time we reached Maine.

Some of the inlets are frozen and snow covered.

Other inlets still have open water.

We arrived at Mark and Diane’s (our daughter) about 2:30 pm. Hannah had fun sorting the K-cups that were sent with us by Uncle Roy and Aunt Deb.

I needed a 2017 photo of Hezekiah.

The Myers’ back yard

The reason we did not have a picnic supper. 🙂

Diane’s birthday flowers from Mark – for her 51st birthday on January 1.


We enjoyed evening worship with Mark and Diane’s church family. It’s good to be here again for a few days.

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