Blackfin Blues with Roy and Deb

Wednesday, December 28

This was the scene as we turned into Roy and Deb’s road – to go out with them for supper.

Just before turning into their driveway.

This was for Roy’s 2016 birthday – which was in July. 🙂 He had actually chosen something else that didn’t materialize, so he decided to wait until the week between Christmas and New Year when he does not have work.

He and I share a love of eating at new and unusual restaurants. We told him to choose whatever he wanted. He said, “How about Hawaii?” 🙂 I said that wouldn’t fit into our birthday gift budget. So he asked about going to California. I replied, “Same thing.” Try the east coast.

Eventually he got back to us saying he had chosen Blackfin Blues in Port Deposit, Maryland – about half an hour from their place.

A blue crab design on the wall near our table.

Roy and Deb checking out the menu.

Posing for me

Deb’s Iceberg Wedge

Crisp iceberg wedges topped with apple wood bacon, blue cheese crumbles & dressing, garnished with balsamic glace

Cerwin’s Filet Au Poivre

9 ounce center cut, pepper encrusted tenderloin, pan seared and finished with Grand Marnier sauce

Roy got the special. I forget what it was, but it was definitely seafood. The mashed potatoes were made with eggnog. They guys liked it but I thought it was a bit sweet.

Deb’s Filet Au Poivre (same description as Cerwins). She chose mashed sweet potatoes.

My Veal Oscar

Pan seared veal medallions, topped with colossal crab, grilled asparagus and chef hollandaise. I also chose mashed sweet potatoes (delicious). I don’t know when I last had veal, but I was delighted with my meal.

We were certainly not hungry, but were tempted by this berry cake, so ordered one and asked our waitress to bring 4 forks.

We exited the front door and walked around the block to enjoy this neat town at night.

Looking down the other side of the street.

Port Deposit has some interesting history. It would be fun to spend some time there and check it out.

Back in the parking lot

The Susquehanna River is just a block away, so Roy drove down an alley to show it to us.

This is close to where the river enters the Chesapeake Bay.


It was a fabulous evening! Thanks for choosing this place Roy.

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