A Successful Whitetail Hunt

hunting-1It started with target practice on Saturday, November 26. Ian and Jere

Most of these pictures are from Cerwin and Jere’s cell phones.

hunting-2Josh, Ian and Jere

hunting-7Josh and Jared


hunting-3Jesse is not old enough to hunt but enjoyed target practice with a 22.


hunting-5Good job, Jesse.

hunting-8Jere’s pickup truck was full of hunting clothes and gear when they left for Tioga County early the next day.

hunting-9Josh, Cerwin, Ian, Jared, and Jere

hunting-10The next picture I saw was this one from when they were checking out the territory and setting up Cerwin’s ground blind.

hunting-12Jared shot this buck – with a broken antler – shortly after the opening of the season on Monday morning.

hunting-11Ian and Cerwin were in the same ground blind.

hunting-13By the end of the day, everyone saw deer, but Jared is the only one who had shooting.

hunting-14They were going to hunt again on Tuesday morning, but it was raining, so they headed home and stopped at a restaurant for breakfast.


hunting-16Cerwin wondered how I knew where they were eating when he texted this picture to me. I told him to read the placemat. 🙂

hunting-17While they stood in the garage, I stood in the rain to take this picture.

hunting-18Thanks to Jared, the Jere High family will have venison in the freezer this year.


Cerwin was in West Virginia a week earlier with our oldest son Jeff, his sons Jordan and Nate and our brother-in-law Marlin. Jeff was the only one who bagged a buck – so their family will also have some venison for the freezer. I didn’t see any pictures from that hunt. It was a cold, windy – sometimes snowy series of days for them.

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