Saturday, November 19

tomato-soup-and-sleet-1I had fourteen end-of-summer tomatoes that needed to be cooked into something.

I decided that the green ones were going to rot before they ripened, so I cooked them as well.

First I boiled them for a minute – to remove the skins. Then I cut them into pieces and stewed them until they were soft.

tomato-soup-and-sleet-2I added my batch to this box of processed soup – then added some spices, sugar, and butter until it was perfect to my taste.


tomato-soup-and-sleet-4Later that evening I was glad for a hot cup of soup.

Cerwin was on a West Virginia white tail hunt when it began sleeting.

tomato-soup-and-sleet-6This picture looked a bit more like sleet because I took it toward an outside flood light.


I enjoy tomato-soup-kind-of-days.

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