At Trip to Greensboro, North Carolina

November 6, 7, and 8

Cerwin needed to do some maintenance on the Greensboro, North Carolina, chapel, but we had trouble finding three days in a row when nothing else was going on.

2-1Finally we decided to leave after taking Josh and Allie out to lunch on the 6th (see last nights post) and travel to a motel about an hour and a half away from the chapel.


2-3By sunset we were enjoying the hills of Virginia.







2-13Time for a motel.

2-13aThis was the scene from the window of our motel room the next morning.


2-16We heard on the news that there would be some local fog. We didn’t see any until we got to a valley that included a river.


2-18Because of the hills, there were several runaway truck ramps on the down side – just in case a truck has brake problems.

2-19Cerwin spent several hours working on the chapel – checking that the vents were clear and clean, installing a new air conditioner in the living quarters, and painting the roof.

2-20I did some reading, got some delicious sweet tea (I love southern sweet tea.), then walked the truck lot – looking for colorful truck shots and praying for the drivers.


2-21He saw me taking pictures and invited me to take his picture with their new puppy. His wife was working in the bunk area. When he asked what I was doing, I told him I was looking for good truck pictures and praying for the drivers.


2-24aBack at the chapel, Cerwin was still painting the roof. White paint on the roof helps reduce the wear and tear of the air conditioners.


2-28Then we were back on the road – heading north. I thought this mountain looked like a sleeping, snoring giant.


2-30I love to notice unusual loads on trucks.

2-31I thought it was interesting that this old barn had a pretty red roof.


2-33We stayed at the same motel as the night before.

2-33aWe walked to an interesting restaurant in the same parking lot. I ordered an appetizer of fried green tomatoes.

They made me want to watch the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” again. 🙂

2-34In the morning we continued our northward journey. Because the Virginia hills are always spotted with cattle, I am often reminded of the Bible verse in Psalm 50: For all the animals of field and forest are mine! The cattle on a thousand hills! And all the birds upon the mountains! (TLB)




2-35We came upon a traffic jam – behind an early morning accident that was being cleaned from the road. We learned that it was a lumber truck that rolled over and caught fire.

2-38There is a certain beauty in bare trees when the lighting is just right.

2-39We crept slowly north for about half an hour.

2-40Then we were moving again.

2-43I think we must have been near an army base.

2-44The crew was doing a flyover of some sort, because they were quite low. Maybe the pilot was in training or landing nearby.

dsc_0017The sight of Three Mile Island along the Susquehanna River is always a sign that we are almost home.

dsc_0024Home again – to new corn fodder bales in the field below us.

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