Church and Lunch for Allie’s Birthday

Sunday, November 6

1Our 2016 birthday date with Allie included going to church with them.


2-1In the entrance area

2-2They attend a satellite church (Lititz Campus) so the sermon is by livestream from the Lancaster Church.

3I enjoyed watching Josh and Allie taking notes on the bulletin in an area where notes are encouraged to be written.

4-1We were impressed by the friendly people and godly teaching.

4-2Our next stop was General Sutter where we enjoyed an early lunch.

4-3If you read my blog, you know I love hanging out with our children and grandchildren and hearing what is going on in their lives.

5-1Allie’s meal.

5-2The guys got hamburgers and sweet potato fries.

5-3I got Chicken and Leek Pie – one of my favorites at General Sutter.


6-2I enjoyed watching leaves blowing around the bank doorway across the street.


Come back tomorrow night to see what we did after taking Josh and Allie to his parents house. 🙂

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