A Relaxing Sunday in Maine and Traveling Home on Monday

Sunday, November 13

After worshiping with friends at Brunswick Church of the Brethren and enjoying a baked potato bar lunch in the fellowship hall, we had a relaxing afternoon at Mark and Diane’s house.

dsc_0691Now that the wedding was over, Diane had time to enjoy Anthony.


dsc_0696Anthony’s mom, Abby, showing him something on her cell phone.

dsc_0703Anthony loves books about trains – and this series adds Christian principles to the stories.




dsc_0711I kept seeing pictures on Facebook about the beautiful super moon, but it was hidden behind the trees in Mark and Diane’s back yard, so I walked up the driveway behind their house. This is what I saw.

I had to wait for it to get higher in the sky.

dsc_0717Later, when we drove to our hotel in Auburn – to meet Nsimba and Elizabeth for supper – I was able to see it.

dsc_0723After a busy few days, it was delightful to relax with Nsimba, Elizabeth, Mark, and Diane. Nsimba and Elizabeth were staying at the hotel where their wedding was held before going to New York City for their honeymoon.

dsc_0727Mark and Nsimba ordered salmon for their 2016 birthday gift while the rest of us ordered other things that tempted our taste buds. I ordered creamy vegetable soup – expecting it to be something like I was used to in Pennsylvania.

Wow! It was the most delicious soup I have ever tasted. The vegetables were roasted squash and mushrooms and the creamy broth was amazing.


Monday, November 14

dsc_0731After a good nights sleep at the hotel, we went to Mark and Diane’s to pick up Josiah, then after a  few hours, stopped at the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, chapel where Chaplain George Freeman was on duty. It was good to visit with him while Josiah and Cerwin made a repair.

You may remember that we also stopped here on the way to Maine. Cerwin needed a part, which he got at Home Depot while we were in Auburn.

dsc_0736It was good to be back home after a ten-hour drive and see one of our pesky squirrels.

dsc_0738I think it is telling me that the bird feeders are empty.

dsc_0743By Tuesday morning, while doing laundry and unpacking my suitcase, I noticed the pretty daytime moon.


I love family weddings and the excitement that goes with them, but it is nice to return to the routine of life.

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  1. Haha — I knew what that first shot of the moon was — it was just like one of mine! You had a super busy week — it must have been wonderful to come home and find that the squirrel friends, pesky as they are, were still there waiting for you!

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