Supper with the Old Gang

Sunday evening, October 23

1-1This year we were on the committee to plan an activity for “The Old Gang” – which is made up of guys who ran around together 50+ years ago and their wives.

1-2We chose The Brickerville House because it is close to us and has a nice room for 30-40 people.

2-1There was an hour for visiting before supper.

As often happens the ladies were in one area of the room and the men in another. 🙂

2-2We chose the middle of the afternoon, because there was no charge for the room – between 3 pm and 6 pm.

2-3  3It is nice going to an attractive room where somebody else does the cooking.



64:00 pm – Time for supper










old-gang-23Following supper Rachel had a game of trivia -multiple choice.

old-gang-24Rachel and Wil were the other couple on the committee.

old-gang-22They had prizes – 3 dishs of chocolates – for the trivia winner, for the couple married the longest, and for the couple with the most grandchildren. We were tie for the most grandchildren, but deferred the gift to the other couple since we were on the committee.


old-gang-19After the games and gifts, Wil (blue shirt on the right) led a time of sharing old memories. Since the guys were “The Old Gang” there were a lot of stories about fast cars. 🙂

old-gang-27That was fun.

2 thoughts on “Supper with the Old Gang

  1. Reunions of groups with common interest are always great fun! I recently attended a reunion of sorts of my high school class — a beach party, with about 25 people there. It was fun to see who was there, and to renew old memories with them!

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