Birthday Party & Sunlight on Seed Pods

Saturday, October 22

We were honored to be invited to Peyton and Bailey’s birthday party, and surprised to discover that I had my camera without a camera card. My camera holds two cards, and I had just removed photos and left both of them on the desk next to my laptop. 🙁

Consequently the pictures are from my cell phone – or Cerwins.


Jakey, Crystal (our niece) and their children Peyton and Bailey.

Their birthdays are both in October, so they always share a birthday party.

2-1Crystal always makes a feast.

2-2Jakey’s dad in the background taking a picture with his cell phone.



2-5Jesse, Ian, and Jared enjoyed the food and playing on their devices while we visited with family and friends.

2-6Back home, and using my Nikon, I enjoyed seeing the evening sunlight on the seed pods – in the flower bouquet that Jere and Kristen gave us before going to Chile.



4-2It was a delightful Saturday.

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