A New Camera Lens

Friday, October 14

My Nikon 55-300 lens stopped working during the summer – no longer doing automatic focus. I played with it for awhile – using manual focus, but eventually got weary of that and took it to the repair shop. The cost of repair was more than we wanted to pay for an old lens.

dsc_8142Cerwin did some research and I talked to the camera shop tech. We decided to buy a Tamron 16-300. I love it. This picture was taken at 16. Notice the pickup truck outside the window to the right of the door.

dsc_8143I didn’t move from the spot – just changed the zoom to 300.

dsc_8145From the camera shop we went to Costco. While playing with the lens focus and zoom, Cerwin asked me to focus on his hair. Look what I got – from the passenger seat.

dsc_8155A pregnant cow.

After Costco, we took a few back roads on the way to have supper with Roy and Deb. She wanted to see my new lens.

dsc_8158The animals all seemed to be on my right – which was facing west – the wrong way for taking photos with the evening sun.

dsc_8160Waiting on a driver




dsc_8178Traveling down the Buck Hill – RT 272 south of Lancaster.

dsc_8184We were early, so Cerwin took another back road.



dsc_8197Finally got good lighting on an animal


dsc_8203I am going to like this lens.

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  1. Good choice! Great pictures. I have the Tameron 18-200 and it’s one of my favorite lenses – takes great clear pictures. I saw your picture of Rt. 372 and groaned! Don’t you love it when you go to take a great picture of something and there are wires all over the place!! (:

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